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There is more data in marketing than we can ever process.  This is leading to a dependence on data to make decisions.  Data plays a role, but it is to guide decisions.  There is an increasing need for truth, emotional connections and storytelling in building a great brand. 


Think about it, with personalization, cookies, user behavior based media placement, optimization of offers, rationalization of products, etc. competing brands are selling the same stuff to the same customers on the same channels using the same data. 


So what will separate them from each other?  A true brand story that captures the attention, the heart of the customer.  Performance marketing has swung too far and has marginalized some of the greatest brands.  Will you have the discipline, foresight and courage to bring your brand story back to your customer? 

I'll be right there with you helping you develop your brand strategy and your brand campaign.





Derrick Wood is a unicorn in the creative space, a balanced left brain/right brain thinker.  He's an award winning creative director with a Lean Six-Sigma blackbelt in business process improvement.  Derrick has spent half of his career on the agency side in Boston with various leadership positions at Digitas, Mullen, Jack Morton and Cramer.


And the other half of his career leading brand teams at Staples, University of Phoenix and Lowe's Home Improvement.  He is a creative leader who is mostly found in the offices of his team members and not behind his desk.  He's a hands on Chief Creative Officer and hands on Creative Finance Officer.  Derrick tightly manages budgets and really understands how businesses work down to the EPS level.  Currently residing in North Carolina, Derrick started up Red Iron Studio to help brands find their story in the social media and digital video space. He believes every brand has a story locked up inside and its his job to help bring it to the surface.


When he's not on the whiteboard, he's got some project going on around the house or in the garage surrounded by power tools, listening to the latest personal finance and investing podcasts.  His latest project is with a group of colleagues who call themselves The Bourbon Boys, together they are producing a podcast and running an online merch store all about appreciating Bourbon and the stories of being a dad – Bourbon on!

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